Wow!! Palm just launched a new HP Touchpad and is worth taking a look at

Per Palm:”HP webOS goes big.

Our breakthrough interface features a spacious workspace and activity cards that provide an easy way to visualize and organize what you’re working on. Easily move back and forth between cards.1 And group related cards in stacks—or have them stacked automatically.”

Per me, I really like the look of it, and was impressed by the videos.

My only concern would be the availability of applications. It’s advantages are the fact that HP has deep pockets and a ton of partners and resources. The competition is rough, with Android, the honeycomb tablets coming out soon, the Motorola and LG with their slate. I had heard from a rep at a Tmobile store that the Dell Streak 7″ tablet would get a honeycomb update as well. The other strong competitor would be Apple and their Ipad of course. The current Ipad does not offer as much under the hood, but its’ user interface and applications are leaders in the market. If you look at applications that relate to special needs people, the Ipad especially is a leader.

I am impressed by the touchpad and would love to do a hands on evaluation and comparison of it. If anyone wants to loan me one I will do a full on evaluation.

See HP/Palms website—>