We are excited about Optinvent new wearable tech similar to Google Glasses but at a better price point!

Optinvent  Unveils  the  Ultimate  Smart  Glass  Platform  for  App  Developers   and  Consumers !

ORA : See-through Eyewear by optinvent

The  ORA  is  a  revolutionary  Smart  Glass  –  and  the  first  AR  (Augmented  Reality)  digital   eyewear  available  -­‐  running  a  standard  version  of  Android  OS  -­‐  with  an  adjustable  see-­‐ through  display  that  is  bigger,  brighter,  and  higher  resolution  than  Google’s.   September  4,  2014,  San  Francisco,  CA.  –  Optinvent,  the  world  leader  in  smart  digital  eyewear,  is   launching  a  Kickstarter  campaign  for  the  developer  and  consumer  versions  of  its  dual-­‐mode  Smart   Glass,  dubbed  the  ORA-­‐1  and  ORA-­‐X,  available  for  only  $599  and  $300  respectively.   ORA-­‐1   Targeting  application  developers  and  enterprise  segments,  the  ORA-­‐1  runs  a  standard  version  of   Android  (4.2.2/Jelly  Bean,  upgradeable  to  KitKat)  and  features  a  disruptive  see-­‐through  retinal   projection  technology  -­‐  using  scalable  molded  components  –  that  is  more  robust,  cost-­‐effective,   higher  resolution  and  easier  to  mass  produce  than  any  competing  technology  on  the  market.       “Despite  vastly  superior  hardware  and  functionality  the  ORA-­‐1  is  the  most  affordable  device  out   there  for  app  developers  and  enterprise  customers  at  less  than  $600,  or  just  a  third  (1/3)  the  price   of  the  competition.”  said  Kayvan  Mirza,  the  CEO  and  Co-­‐Founder  of  Optinvent.  “A  breakthrough  that   enables  Android  developers  around  the  world  to  create  the  next  disruptive  hands-­‐free,  always-­‐on,
wearable  computing  applications.”   The  ORA-­‐1  runs  standard  Android  apps  –  just  like  any  standalone  Android  smartphone  or  tablet   device  –  and  includes  the  Wikitude  AR  browser  for  an  Augmented  Reality  experience  out  of  the   box.     ORA-­‐X   The  ORA-­‐X  is  the  more  streamlined  consumer  version  that  pushes  the  technology  envelope.    It’s   based  on  the  same  cutting  edge  technology  and  specifications  as  the  current  ORA-­‐1,  but  in  a  much   more  streamlined  package  and  for  only  $300!    This  is  by  far  the  most  affordable  smart  glass  device   ever  announced,  finally  taking  this  emerging  category  mainstream.   On  the  hardware  side,  specifications  include:   • A  front-­‐facing  1080p  5  mega-­‐pixel  camera   • A  9-­‐axis  motion  sensor   • Wireless  connectivity  (Bluetooth,  Wi-­‐Fi,  GPS)   • A  trackpad  (mouse  and  swipe)  for  tactile  interactions  with  the  device   • A  high  capacity  Li-­‐Ion  rechargeable  battery  (7  hours  of  typical  use)   • And  a  powerful  dual  core  microprocessor  with  enough  memory  to  support  complex   applications.  “Flip -­‐Vu”  dual-­‐mode  display  for  Augmented  Reality  and  Glance  Vision  T he  revolutionary  “Flip  Vu”  display  enables  both  an  “augmented  reality”  mode  -­‐  the  image  is   directly  in  the  wearer’s  field  of  view,  but  without  disrupting  it  -­‐  and  a  “glance”  mode  (the  image  is   just  below).   “In  the  AR  viewing  angle,  digital  information  is  overlaid  on  the  wearer’s  environment,  enabling  true   augmented  reality  applications,  while  in  Glance  mode,  the  display  is  positioned  below  the  field  of   view  –  a  much  more  natural  position  than  if  it  was  above  –  enabling  quick  information  snacking,”   added  Mirza.     Optinvent  has  also  extended  its  partnership  with  Himax  Display,  a  leading  manufacturer  of  LCOS   micro-­‐display  panels  for  head-­‐mounted  devices,  for  this  next-­‐generation  of  ORA  eyewear.
The  ORA-­‐1  comes  pre-­‐loaded  with  Android  4.4.1  (Jelly  Bean)  and  a  complete  software  development   kit  (SDK)  for  developers.  The  ORA-­‐1  developer  version  sells  for  $599,  while  the  consumer  ORA-­‐X   will  be  released  mid  next  year,  for  as  low  as  $300  and  is  now  available  for  pre-­‐order  on  Kickstarter!       For  more  information  on  the  ORA  Kickstarter  campaign,  please  visit   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/optinvent-­‐ora1/ora-­‐1-­‐smart-­‐glasses-­‐developer-­‐version     About  Optinvent   Optinvent  is  the  world  leader  in  digital  eyewear/Smart  Glasses  and  see-­‐through  retinal  projection   technology.    Optinvent’s  team  has  20+  years  of  experience  in  the  field  of  consumer  electronics  and   is  recognized  in  the  industry  for  developing  cutting  edge  patented  technologies  and  products.

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