A tribute to the victims of 9/11/2001 and my thoughts

Personally what I have to say is that I can my first emotion was shock. My wife and I woke up that morning, she turned on the tv, I asked here what is it a movie? Sadly enough it was not a movie, it was reality. Our nation has gone through some great moments of patriotism and strengthened our bonds in some ways and tough times in many other ways.

I am glad like that nothing else has really happened since, thank God.

Here are some features with regards to 9/11/2001:

A Hero

A charity song for children who lost
a firefighter/police parent in the 911 attack.
The morning froze in silence
as the terror filled our hearts
we stared in disbelief at what we saw.
Through the dust we felt so helpless,
wishing that we could have known.
We hold our families close, as we watched them fall.

Some people didn’t waiver, they had a job to do.
There was nothing that could keep them away…

Oh, it’s a special kind of hero
who would sacrifice themselves – so I could spend another day with you.
And for all the fallen heroes who saved a life that day
your courage unites a nation, and we’ll remember you.

So many people crying, walking in a daze
holding pictures of their loved ones
through an empty haze.
Our Heroes didnt falter, they held out a helping hand
remembering their own children, as they rushed inside again.

They didnt waiver, they had a job to do
and some never made it home that day.

Oooh well remember you. We honor you, salute,
respect and cherish you.
Not many people can do the duty that
you knew on that cold September day.

Lyrics by Amy Matthew ASCAP 2008,
music by Karen Mack from KAR Records.

A musical tribute–>

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God Bless the victims and heroes who are back in heaven….God Bless America!!!!

About the Author

David Berkowitz, Editor in Chief.
I am the aspie dad of 3 with autism, in industrial sales by day, and a run tech and autism news media organization as well. I am trying to be like Engadget.com and help autism too via the arts and tech. I am also on twitter, itechnewszone, facebook/technewszone, youtube/technewszone, linkedin.com too.