Tech Revew 2.23.2013 of the Ballistic Hard Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3

I ran into Ballistic at CES 2013, and now had the opportunity to test out their Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S3. The cases are great for outdoor enthusiasts and those into extreme sports.

Here are 2 overview videos from their website–>

I did 2 video reviews of the products as well–>

Part one a product hands on review–>

Part 2 with a brief comparison to the Trident AMS Kraken case.

I was quite impressed by the Ballistic Hard Case. It is solid, seemingly unbreakable and a great value as well.

I liked the cover over the screen, the rubber and solid feel as well. The only thing I would change might be to make the kick stand for media viewing metal and offer more colors like camouflage green.

Here are specifications of the case from Ballistic’s website–>

We know how much the GS3 lovers LOVE their phone, so it’s only right we keep if protected for you. Introducing the much anticipated, highly requested, Ballistic Hard Core Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III.
Advanced five layer protection
Layer 1 – Built in screen protector
Layer 2 – Ballistic shock absorbent polymer
Layer 3 – Tough impact resistant polycarbonate
Layer 4 – An additional layer of our Ballistic shock absorbent polymer
Layer 5 – Optional outer layer of silicone
Built-in videostand
Button and port covers are built right onto the case, not the silicone
Includes an durable holster with swivel clip
Equipped with water resistant mesh to cover all speakers

Here is a link to Ballistic’s website and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard Case–>

I spent 6 years in the Army National Guard 1/221st Armor Company, and this type of case would have been great in a tank or in the field during military exercises.

Here are some product images:


and for the ladies or those who love pink–>

I would like green or blue personally.

Overall I am impressed by Ballistic’s Products and their quality of design.

Here is a photo of the parts to the case before it is assembled. Overall it is a great value for the money and quite a nice case for those wanting to protect their smart phones with style.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Ballistic Hard Case

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