Symptoms of High Functioning Autism

Autism I am what I am so get over itAutism I am what I am so get over it
Autism I am what I am so get over it
Autism I am what I am so get over it

I feel that some people have a problem dealing with people that have autism or in my case Asperger’s Syndrome they do not really get us.

It is like the old song “What it feels like to be misunderstood,” At times I am too open and honest, and do not have the filter that others have to protect themselves from society. I do not have the swagger or attitude that most people have. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

At times I am irritable or cranky, am frightened of dogs, but so what I can also read a 300 page book in a couple of hours, and win video games quickly.

At times I am am bored, feel like an old soul born with less interest and excitement by the zeitgest of life, however we are intrigued and more interested by other things in life like technology.

I wish people would just accept people for who they are…

Here is a bit more info on autism from a website that I can relate to, WiseGeak–>

People with high functioning or high level autism can function normally in society, but may have some of the symptoms of autism. The condition is often called Asperger’s syndrome, although some experts disagree on whether the two are synonymous. Symptoms of high level autism can vary from person to person.

According to the clinical definition of high level autism, the autistic can speak and act normally in everyday society. People who suffer from severe autism are defined as being unable to do so. Research has shown that people with high level autism have an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 70 or above.

Social interaction problems are a symptom of high level autism. The high level autistic may appear serious and uncommunicative, although being uncommunicative may only take the form of a lack of participation in small talk conversations. High level autistics may also have difficulty maintaining eye contact with others.

Individuals with high level autism prefer routine and order. These symptoms may present themselves in early childhood. Personal relationships are often a problem for people with high level autism. Affected individuals can sometimes be perceived by others as too geeky or intelligent. Rejection can lead to low self esteem.

Other symptoms of high level autism may include irregularities with coordination and motor skills. These problems may be very low level and may only take the form of clumsiness in situations such as sports activities. Although the high level autistic may not express certain emotions, such as empathy, he or she is certainly capable of feeling them.

High level autistics may have advanced learning abilities. They are also talented at problem solving, and many go on to careers in science and engineering. People with high level autism are often gifted academically and will do well if they have encouraging teachers. They are often extremely talented wordsmiths and have a great love of language. A passion for obscure subjects and an in-depth knowledge of these subjects are also symptoms of high level autism.

It is unfortunate that many narrow-minded people simply dismiss the high level autistic as a nerd or boffin. People who are not aware of the problem can often make judgments without fully appreciating the situation. High level autism is a complex disorder that affects one person out of every 90 people.

I am so tired of the lack of acceptance of people who are different, some of us are just wired differently!!!

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David Berkowitz, Editor in Chief.
I am the aspie dad of 3 with autism, in industrial sales by day, and a run tech and autism news media organization as well. I am trying to be like and help autism too via the arts and tech. I am also on twitter, itechnewszone, facebook/technewszone, youtube/technewszone, too.