TSeiha Design trying to help autism with T-Shirts! Worth checking out!

pay it forward

We ran into these folks on twitter who are trying to make a difference for autism.

It seems to be a good cause definitely worth checking out and helping!

Please take a look!

Alicia Fritz Herman
TSeiha Design
Crowdfunded Premium Design Supports Disabilities With A Kick
Gresik, East Java – August, 25th 2015 – Indonesia based premium art and design, retail startup TSeiha Design will launch its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign using the name of Pay It Forward for a production plant to resource people with disabilities.
Alicia Fritz Herman is a severely autistic designer who has suffered undetected disabilities for years. Devastated by many undetected cases of children with disabilities combined with poverty, living out of school in Indonesia, Alicia took the lead by founding TSeiha Design as the first step toward her mission. Consequently, she innovated the idea to resource people with disabilities for her beliefs behind those weaknesses of disabilities, there is a diamond people cannot see from their perspective, each having a special talent.
“I want to pay it forward to society, so we can develop a better life for people with disabilities and for children as our future. Let us create good karma together.”
TSeiha Design has set a first goal of raising $200.000 to run a production plant for a premium art fashion industry in Indonesia. This amount will buying printing machines, computers, apparel materials, rent a place and hire more people to enable the production to run smoothly, also online store sites to run both the international and Indonesian market. TSeiha Design represents our independence to express how we really feel, the power of self-love, and a feeling of pride regardless of who we are.
Pay It Forward #IGiveMyAll – Hope has to be bigger than your circumstances will alive on Indiegogo on Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 morning EST.
Campaign link: http://igg.me/at/tseiha-payitforward
Alicia Fritz Herman founded TSeiha Design on December 22nd, 2014 with a tagline, “Crazily Unique”.