A poem of thanks to teachers by Mari Nosal from Enabled Kids Canada

Mari Nosal
Mari Nosal


One day I met a teacher

My mentor than my friend

She has been there through the tough times

My gratitude I send

No matter what my challenge

She never walks away

She taught me all the skills Indeed

And this I have to say

Thank you for your wisdom

Your spunk and humor too

You helped me be the best I can

Thanks for being you

My goals and dreams are being met

One soul helped this come true

One person took the time to guide

That person my friend is you

You are an inspiration

Your talents you do share

Your help, your guidance, humor, wit

Made school much easier to bear

Now as I forge forward

And apply what you have taught

I venture on so well prepared

Your love of life I’ve caught

My path is just beginning

I will falter along the way

I will stumble, fall, and want to run

But this I have to say

My quest for knowledge continues

Fears and apprehension do abound

I know this challenge I can take

Because I had you around

You made me believe I have a chance

To achieve what I aspire

That I can lead in my career

In me you lit a fire

Thank you mentor, teacher, friend

For giving me my start

You went beyond your job description

You live inside my heart.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.