Manfrotto Fluid video aluminum monopod

We recently had the opportunity to review Manfrotto’s Fluid video aluminum monopod. To put it mildy, we were very impressed.

Fluid video aluminum monopod with plateIt was really easy to use and quite portable as well.

If I could afford one, I would buy one now and use it all of the time.

According to Manfrotto:


The 562B-1 is a compact and high 4-section aluminium fluid monopod equipped with a 357PLV sliding camera plate adapter to adjust the camera’s center of balance. This fluid monopod is ideal for camcorders up to 17.6lb (8kg).

I really like the little feet on the bottom. I have used other monopod’s in the past, but this is the king or monopods, larger, more stable and it is easy to use. I am tall, over 6 feet, so I appreciate a monopod that extends long enough for me to use.

I tested the monopod with a Nikon J1, and it worked perfectly for all of the photo’s I had the chance to take with it. I also used it at CES 2015, and received all kinds of positive comments about the “cool monopod” according to other news folks and bloggers that I ran into at the event.

I also took it hiking and due to its durability it was effective as a walking stick as well on the trail too. I feel that anyone who is into outdoor adventuring, hunting, motorcycling or out door activities would love the Manfrotto  Fluid video aluminum monopod. I was really impressed with its design, durability and utility.

It combined a high level of utility with superb aesthetics and function.

That said, the panning action is smooth, and because it happens at the base, with practice, you have better control over the stability of the monopod while panning since both hands can create that movement, and you’re not having to use one hand to simply keep the monopod still while you pan with the other. You can, and should, use your whole body to make the pan. Tilt control is very nice as well and just as good as say a 701

The ‘bridging’ head is a great hybrid system, allowing quick release that us videographers are used to, plus the ability to click it back in place with quick fore and aft positioning.

The ball at the bottom is nice and stiff enough to let the monopod stand in place without holding on to it (but don’t walk too far away from it with your camera on it 🙂

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I wholeheartedly recommend Manfrotto for your tripod and lighting needs and am a huge fan.