How do you envision a better world for autism and all those impacted by autism spectrum disorder? From Autism Society!

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arch 6, 2014
By Scott Badesch, President/CEO, Autism Society of America

How do you envision a better world for autism and all those impacted by autism spectrum disorder? At the Autism Society we seek a nation where each person with an autism diagnosis can obtain the highest quality of life with full dignity, value and respect by all. This April, we will be sharing from our lens what a “Better World for Autism” means and what can be done to provide a more inclusive, self-determined life for all individuals with autism across the United States! How can you help make our country a better nation for autism? Let others know the importance of assuring the highest quality of life and value for all individuals living with autism. Take time to thank and help family members who work each day, as they do with all of their family members, to provide the best for their brother, sister, daughter, son, grandchild, nephew or niece with autism. Thank professionals who teach, inspire, and energize family members and individuals with autism to succeed at all levels of life. Autism is more than awareness! It is acceptance, embracement, appreciation, value, and dignity. Let’s join together in April to change our great nation into a more inclusive, welcoming place for all, especially those impacted by autism. Take action and let April be your springboard! Check out our website for activities and events that celebrate individuals with autism and their families.


Scott Badesch, President/CEO

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