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One of my kids mildly autistic, he seems “normal” but at times he obsesses about certain things, buys a new remote control toy, and must have it working immediately, can not wait and gets upset if he has to wait, like a 4 year old rather than a 14 year old.

My 9 year old who is a bit autistic, has odd fears, is terrified of cars in parking lots at times to an extreme.

I was irrationally fearful of dogs as a youngster and teenager, and I still am a bit afraid of dogs even as an adult.

I was very shy around girls when I was younger, and liked a few of them a great deal but I was so afraid of doing something wrong that I did not “even try to kiss any of them or hold their hands, I was gripped by an irrational fear at times.” I did get over it and go married, and am coming up on 18 years of marriage.

I have never been good at making friends, and besides my wife do not have any real friends. I want friends, but do not know how to make them. I am intelligent but socially slow, and my athletic skills are limited.

I recently read a 487 page book on a 3.5 hour plane flight. It seems being Asperger’s has it weaknesses and advantages.

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David Berkowitz, Editor in Chief.
I am the aspie dad of 3 with autism, in industrial sales by day, and a run tech and autism news media organization as well. I am trying to be like and help autism too via the arts and tech. I am also on twitter, itechnewszone, facebook/technewszone, youtube/technewszone, too.