R1 Robo 3d Printer, a Preview

We were recently introduced to Robo3d and their exciting line of 3d printers. Here are a few videos with regards to their products: An overview of the advantages of creating your world–> and a cool one on how to make a bow tie–> and finally a Celtic Skull with nice electro-techno music–> and an overview […]

A New innovative bluetooth Padlock!!

The Quicklock Padlock is the smartest and most capable electronic padlock in the world. It ditches easily-lost keys and forgotten combinations in favor of NFC and Bluetooth technologies. SafeTech Products is launching a new evolution of safety and security through its NFC technologies, and with built-in data tracking, the Quicklock Padlock is more than just […]

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Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer and information!

We are looking forward to the new Star Wars Movie see–> Here is a link to the IMDB details as well–> The official site–>

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Please like us on Facebook, twitter, and Youtube!!

Please like us on Facebook too!! We are @itechnewszone on Twitter! We are also Please share, tell all, we are to get known as a blog. We talk tech and are trying to advocate for autism too. I am an aspie tech blogger and father of 3 with autism too! We do news […]

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Wacky Weather Videos My Wife took in Southwest Las Vegas 9/9/2013

    Here are some weather videos from Las Vegas that my wife and I took today 9/9/2013–> Double Rainbow video #1 Video #2//Las Vegas Southern Highlands Jones Boulevard–> Video #3 Las Vegas Near Hacienda Road–> Another Double Rainbow video Video #5 Las Vegas Storm 9.9.13–> Final Video From Las Vegas Near the Gold Goast […]