Promolt 3d Tested and loved their filament!

We received a sample of Promolt3d’s black and one of their white filament. According to the folks at Promolt3d :   “ProMolt 3D is committed to providing the best filament to help 3D printing enthusiasts bring their creations to life. 3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry as well as the art world. ProMolt 3D […]

Solidoodle Press-Preview !!

We were given a Solidoodle Press to test and review and use to help autism too for a bit. So far we are impressed by the design and its’ compact size. We like that it is a fully enclosed device. According to Solidoodle: The Solidoodle Press is a one-touch 3D printer designed to fit in […]

Awesome 2001’ish video from 3DR Drones!!

We are huge tech fans and are trying to help autism too. We would love to use 3d printing to help autism via art and tech projects and to raise funds to help. We are also into drones, especially ones that involve 3d printing as well. I recently saw 3DR’s products and loved this cool […]

Our summary of Woosh Cleaner!

We have run into Woosh! at a bunch of events over the years. We spoke with the Woosh! folks recently at CES 2015, and they sent us a sample to evaluate. We were impressed, it worked well, did some nice cleaning for a variety of our devices! We have used it off and on for […]

One in five Sun-like stars may have Earth-like planets

One in five Sun-like stars may have Earth-like planets (via AFP) As many as one in five Sun-like stars may have a planet the size of Earth, and the nearest could be in systems visible to the naked eye, US astronomers said Monday. The research is based on a new analysis of findings from NASA’s […]