KitKat: Google’s Weapon Against Apple

KitKat: Google’s Weapon Against Apple (via slashdot) For years, Google’s critics railed that the Android operating system had a fragmentation problem, with too many manufacturers installing too many versions of the software on too many phones. As a result, they argued, the Android ecosystem was a mess…

Microsoft Surface 2 Review

Microsoft Surface 2 Review (via BestTechie) Microsoft’s latest iteration of the Surface tablet is an improvement from the previous generation, but still leaves much to be desired when it comes to Windows RT.  As I wrote a few weeks ago, I was impressed with Microsoft’s latest device offerings…

Apple plans to rain on Nokia and Microsoft with 22 October iPad launch date

Apple plans to rain on Nokia and Microsoft with 22 October iPad launch date (via The Inquirer) GADGET DESIGNER Apple reportedly plans to hold an event on 22 October to showcase its next iPad tablets along with its refreshed Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks operating system. We have no reason to dispute this speculation […]

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CES 2012 Blackberry Playbook and Deals on the Playbook

I had the opportunity to check out the new os update for the Blackberry Playbook 64gb version. It is a great deal for $ 299. With the new version of the OS I am more impressed by it than in the previous iteration. It reminds me of the HP Touchpad with a better user interface […]

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Intel at CES 2012 Press Conference and Releases Ultrabooks, Smartphones and Tablet Platform

First a light hearted start of the press event the history of Dance–> Next Press Release from CES 2012–> Intel Strikes Multi-year, Multi-Device Strategic Partnership with Motorola Mobility*, Including Smartphones that Motorola Will Begin to Ship in 2H 2012 Lenovo K800 Smartphone Based on Intel® Technology Available in Second Quarter 2012 in China INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER […]

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HP Web OS Conference today to launch new products and tablets

Right now, HP is announcing new products including tablets. It should be interesting to see what they are launching as well as the price range. I am intrigued and interested in seeing what is being launched. I will post more information later. Highest Pressure Shower Head Turns The Gloomiest Mornings Into A Happy OneCommon Problems […]

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My opinion in reference to the 2 Commercials

I thought that the Apple commercial launched in 1984 attracted the worlds attention, it was unique and innovative and to many respects true. I remember how amazing the first black and white macs were. They were unique and interesting just like the Mac Cube. In regards to the new commercial it is unique, and interesting. […]