My recent review of the Powerock’s Magic Cube

I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Powerocks Magic Cube. They are available in 4 colors and 3 capacities. In this day and age of carrying many devices and not always being near a power source, these devices are great to have available. The one I am testing has worked very well. Please check out other reviews from the aspie tech guy,

Magic cube

Capacitance:5200mah / 7800mah / 10400mah
Input:5V / 2.1A (max)
Output:Micro USB:5V/1A、USB:5V/1A
Color:dreaming pink, flowery blue, classic black and faddish silver!
Dimension:52.4 * 24 * 86.5mm / 71.6 * 24 * 86.5mm / 90.8 * 24 * 86.5mm
Net weight:150g / 220g / 290g
Standard Configuration:One black Micro to 30 pin apple connector、Storage Bag
Applicable products:compatible for most USB charging mobile phones, all digital products and apple products.

Products description:
1.Classic built in USB input and output design makes you free from taking USB cables trouble.
2.Duel outputs, one Micro USB cable output and one USB port output, can charge two devices simultaneously.
3.Standard package includes one Micro to apple 30 pin connector, which could work with all apple products, most USB charging mobiles and electronic devices.
4.High capacity and it takes only 2 hours to fully charge iPhone5.
5.Intelligent charging and discharging protection design and intelligent low self-consuming in dormant status design. It can save the power more than half year without using.
6.4 LED power indicator blinks when charging. Knowing the remaining power by pressing at any time.
7.Green energy product, self-consuming lower than 50uA, recyclable.

Package:Apple authorized professional MFI package ( packages has MFI logo )

I was impressed with the design and ease of use of the Magic Cube. It was able to charge 3 of my devices, 2 smart phones and an Ipad Mini with an adapter that I bought at the electronics store.
The one I tested was the blue colored one, which I found to be a excellent product that was very impressive in its’ simple design and high level of utility as far as its capability to recharge ones electronic devices.
I recommend the Power Rock Magic Cube to anyone who needs to recharge devices on the go.
Here is a brief YouTube video that I did in regards to the device that I had the opportunity to test and evaluate.

For more information on the Power Rock’s Magic Cube and their interesting products go to–>
Your Editor,
David J. Berkowitz