CES 2012 First Glances from the CES Unveiled Press Event

CES ICE Sculpture 2012
An ice sculpture from the pre-show CES 2012 Press Event!!!








I was quite intrigued by Lenenovo’s new business class 10″ tablet, along with their new consumer 5″, 7″ and 10″ tablets. Here are some images of the new 10″ business tablet.

1) Front View:

2) Side View:

3) The nice selection of ports:

My first impressions of the tablet were very positive. I liked the design, it reminded me of the Amazon Kindle fire with more features, a camera on front and back and a larger size. I like how light it was in my hands as well as the nice display.

It was running Android OS 2.3, but was told by the Lenovo representative that an upgrade to Android Ice cream OS was pending soon.

Depending on the price point it could be a big seller. My hope is that sells it for $ 299 or $ 349.

It could prove to be a nice tablet for the education and business markets, especially for people with special needs.

More news from CES 2012 will be coming soon.


HP Web OS Conference today to launch new products and tablets

Right now, HP is announcing new products including tablets. It should be interesting to see what they are launching as well as the price range. I am intrigued and interested in seeing what is being launched. I will post more information later.