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American Idol 2012, We really like Jessica Sanchez’s recent performances

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez Our autism nonprofit’s focus is using technology, music and the arts to improve the lives of autistic people, we love music. We really love music, and feel that is a huge benefit to people on the autism spectrum in educational and in a therapeutic manner. We reached out to James […]

The amazing new Pure One Flow

Pure One Flow and their nice new streaming music service

I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Pure One Flow. I was quite impressed by its simple design, reminds me of a radio that I had in the 1980’s. It is simple and non-obtrusive on the outside and state of the art in terms of its abilities and capabilities. I was also […]

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Congratulations to Xfactor’s Melanie Amaro

I was from the beginning really impressed by Melanie Amaro’s performances. Congratulations to her and Simon Cowell!!! 1) Melanie Amora her final award winning song–> 2) Melanie Amaro her home performance Michael Jackson’s song!!! 3) Her first Audition–> We love ya Melanie, you are amazing!!! Please help us to help autism!!!