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Art Therapy for High-Functioning Autism: How to Get Started Coping with a condition such as autism is a challenge that many of us and many of our loved ones face. However, so many strategies  exist to make life easier for those of us in this camp. Many haven’t heard of it, but art therapy is one of them, and with this great new […]

What makes a good educator by the Stellar Mari Nosal!!

Mari Nosal Best Teacher I really like this article, its references to ancient literature. I believe a community does need to work together, and support one another. They do not seem to, can not get the funding to get our autism arts foundation rolling, but it in a perfect world it is the right thing […]

American idol 2012 Best male performer Joshua Ledet

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez We are an autism nonprofit that wants to help via technology, music and the arts. We are fans of Jessica Sanchez, who is in our opinion the best female performer, we are also impressed by Joshua Ledet who is the best male performer!! Here is a video from You Tube […]

American Idol 2012, We really like Jessica Sanchez’s recent performances

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez Our autism nonprofit’s focus is using technology, music and the arts to improve the lives of autistic people, we love music. We really love music, and feel that is a huge benefit to people on the autism spectrum in educational and in a therapeutic manner. We reached out to James […]