Mari Nosal

What makes a good educator by the Stellar Mari Nosal!!

Mari Nosal Best Teacher I really like this article, its references to ancient literature. I believe a community does need to work together, and support one another. They do not seem to, can not get the funding to get our autism arts foundation rolling, but it in a perfect world it is the right thing […]

Aspergers Syndrome The Hidden Disorder by Mari Nosal

autism nosal pict This article is very valid. I am asperger’s, have always been a brainiac so was considered a bit different but normal. In 43 years, I have had few friends. I am married but other than my wife, I have had no real friends in decades. I want friends,but people do not get […]

Tips to Encourage Development of Social Skills of Children on the Autism Spectrum in the Classroom by Mari Nosal.

Mari Nosal This is an interesting article with regards to social skills for children on the autism spectrum recently published by Mari Nosal. I wish that there were more program for autism when I was growing up, the problem is that if you do very well academically the system ignored difficulties with athletics and […]

A Very Special Mothers Day To Special Needs Moms by Mari Nosal

Aspergers I really like this article by Mari Nosal. I meant to publish it but it slipped my mind. It is quite wonderful. It takes strength to be a parent of special needs kids. For some of us it is a struggle. I was perusing the numerous racks of mother’s day cards recently. As […]

A Coke And Mentos Explosion – A Lesson In Chemical Reactions a cool article by Mari Nosal!!!

Mari Nosal I have actually done this experiment with my kids, they really loved it and I can totally relate. I wish I would have had someone like Mari Nosal for a teacher when I was young. Today I set out to conduct a science experiment. My goal was to introduce my young charges […]