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earth day 2012

Earthday 2012 Mobilize the earth, and Disney Nature Earth Day!!! Our intent is to help people with autism as well as the earth if we can. If you want to help us help people with autism let me know!!! earth day 2012 As the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day approaches, people are becoming frustrated with the failure of governments to take any steps toward […]

It is in our genes, Autism..

A thanks to for an article on us!! I appreciate that The Autism News Wire did a recent article on us. We are trying to make a difference for autism and can not do it alone. Please check them out, their nice content. Here is a summary:–> I dream of establishing a national organization like the American Heart Association or American Cancer […]

Advocacy for Autism, A Personal Appeal our post thanks to EDA Cafe

I would like to thank EDA Cafe for the article that they published about our intent to help autism: AUTISM ADVOCACY AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS ZONE By David Joseph Berkowitz As an individual with high functioning Asperger syndrome, a kind of autism, and the father of three kids who are also on the spectrum for this […]