Apple launches Ipad 3–> Information and Overview!!!

–>It’s Features include a retina display,an enhanced 5 megapixel camera and 4G LTE capability
–>It’s Screen is higher resolution than most 40″ big screen tv’s
–>It is powered by high-speed A5x chip which according to Apple is faster than the Nvidia Tegra 3!!
–>Apple boasts picture resolution so crisp that words will appear sharper than words in print
–>New model of Apple TV set-top box will also play HD films
–>Films on iTunes Store now available in Full HD for first time


A video from APPLE–>

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Gizmodo: ‘It’s almost like looking at a glossy magazine page. It also has much more powerful guts, with a much faster processor, graphics and more memory.’
TechCrunch: ‘As far as weight and shape, it’s almost exactly the same as the iPad 2. They wouldn’t allow comparison shots – probably because the new iPad is a little thicker – but the dimensional differences are minor and the overall feel is near-identical.’
Engadget: ‘By and large, the new guy is the same as the old guy (Home button included), but with a few nice amenities that could very well convince owners of earlier iPads to upgrade. Upon touching the HD variant, it’s not the overall form factor that grabs us — it’s the screen.’
TechRepublic: ‘Apple is trying hard to get us to see the iPad as more than just a consumption device. It clearly wants this to be a viable option for more and more users to consider instead of a laptop.’

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Personally I can not wait to get my hands on one to evaluate. It should prove to be a great educational tool, as well as one for musicians, artists and business users. I wish they would come out with an 8″ version for around $299 for those that do not have a budget for the higher priced versions.