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Interdrone 2016 Highlights and our favorite drones!

We had the opportunity to cover the recent Interdrone 2016. We are into technology and are huge huge fans of drones.Our first impression of the show was from a Key Note by Chris Anderson from 3d Robotics(3DR). He spoke in reference to control of drones and processing of data via the cloud. He also said […]

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We are excited about Optinvent new wearable tech similar to Google Glasses but at a better price point!

Optinvent  Unveils  the  Ultimate  Smart  Glass  Platform  for  App  Developers   and  Consumers ! The  ORA  is  a  revolutionary  Smart  Glass  –  and  the  first  AR  (Augmented  Reality)  digital   eyewear  available  -­‐  running  a  standard  version  of  Android  OS  -­‐  with  an  adjustable  see-­‐ through  display  that  is  bigger,  brighter,  and  higher  resolution  than […]