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I was on Special Needs Talk Radio, Autism As They Grow with Bobbi Sheahan!!

Autism Help USA/Technewszone I had the opportunity to speak on Bobbi Sheahan and Amalia Starr’s Special Needs Talk Radio, Autism As They Grow’s Second to last show. I really appreciate it. We are trying to make a difference for people with autism for quality of life, education, vocation and to help them find enjoyment in […]


Autism rescue: Firefighter teaches how to help autistic people in emergencies

msnbc This is a nice article and a video with regards to Bill Cannata a fireman, father of autistic kids and an advocate for autism. It is quite nice and valuable to read!! By Lisa A. Flam As an experienced firefighter and a devoted father to an autistic son, Bill Cannata is combining the […]