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My ode to Thanksgiving 2016!

    I would to take a moment to give thanks to my Family, and followers. I hope to finally achieve my goal of helping people with autism soon. Our interest stems from the fact that I have asperger’s as do my children. I have a vested interest in making a difference. I would love […]

Autism and Communication Some Interesting things!

  Infographic_USA   Communicotool-A New Communication tool for non-verbal autistic folks! Autistic daughter inspires communication app for non‐verbal people After seeing non‐verbal 8‐year‐old Reinnah take her tablet everywhere she went, her father created CommunicoTool to help her talk with him. Now updated to version 2, it launches in the US to help non‐verbal children acquire, […]

Another day of trials

Another day of trials (via I’m not feeling super duper positive about today. Elliott’s home sick again and I’m not sure how much better he’s actually doing. I’ve been up since 4am because Emmett wanted to snuggle. This translates to Emmett wrapping himself around me…

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If you have Autistic or Special Needs Kids take a look at a free program offered by the Torino Foundation!!

  JUNE 20-23, 2013 MISSION Our focus is on alleviating the strain that an Autism diagnosis takes not only on the affected child but the child’s family. Our primary goals are to help campers build self-esteem, develop better social skills and self-expression, make and maintain friendships, improve fine motor skills, gross motor skills and sensory integration. […]

What makes a good educator by the Stellar Mari Nosal!!

Mari Nosal Best Teacher I really like this article, its references to ancient literature. I believe a community does need to work together, and support one another. They do not seem to, can not get the funding to get our autism arts foundation rolling, but it in a perfect world it is the right thing […]

GIVING AUTISM A VOICE: Funding should be geared more for quality of life-Pahrump Valley times

GIVING AUTISM A VOICE: Funding should be geared more for quality of life We were in the Pahrumnp Valley Times news paper today, A mention on the front page as well as on the front of the community section as well. Here is a copy of the article–> By Kelsey Givens One in every […]

Help for an Arts Foundation for Autism as seen on

We were recently written about on–> Please check them out, they are a simply great website with tons of special needs resources and articles. Help for an Arts Foundation for Autism This guest piece is written by a man passionate about his vision. David Berkowitz lives in Las Vegas, is an honorably discharged veteran […]