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Please like us on Facebook too!! http://www.facebook.com/itechnewszone We are @itechnewszone on Twitter! We are also http://www.youtube.com/technewszone Please share, tell all, we are to get known as a blog. We talk tech and are trying to advocate for autism too. I am an aspie tech blogger and father of 3 with autism too! We do news […]


Looking for a Tech Job? 6 Cities Where Tech Start-Ups Thrive

YoungBusiness With new technology companies starting almost every day, it seems like everyone wants to get a piece of the technology pie. Millionaires are being made overnight and many new graduates of Generation Y (ages 20-30) have dreams of striking it rich with a new technology start-up. However, if you are from a town like […]

Help for an Arts Foundation for Autism

Help for an Arts Foundation for Autism as seen on www.specialneeds.com

We were recently written about on specialneeds.com–>http://www.specialneeds.com/products-and-services/autism/help-arts-foundation-autism Please check them out, they are a simply great website with tons of special needs resources and articles. Help for an Arts Foundation for Autism This guest piece is written by a man passionate about his vision. David Berkowitz lives in Las Vegas, is an honorably discharged veteran […]