Synek hopes to change the world, at least for Beer Lovers!!

We ran into Synek a year or so ago and did an article on them and their new innovative beer brewing system. Now they are gaining momentum, and becoming an impressive force in the industry! They make an incredible device for beer lovers which allows them to have the best quality and best tasting beer […]

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Oppo N1 With CyanogenMod

By Killian Bell Oppo’s flagship N1 smartphone went on sale globally for the first time on December 10, but the version everybody wants — that’s the one that comes with CyanogenMod 10.2 pre-installed — wasn’t available from day one. Oppo has today announced, however, that it will be available on December 24 — just in time for Christmas. Oppo […]

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Latest News from Fujifilm

FUJIFILM UNVEILS THE NEW X-M1 PREMIUM CSC FEATURING A 16.3 MP APS-C X-TRANS CMOS SENSOR, EXR PROCESSOR II AND A KIT OPTION FEATURING THE NEW XC16-50MM LENS New X-M1 also includes a 3” tilting, high definition LCD screen, wireless image transfer for easy photo sharing and advanced filters for creative picture taking   (Note image […]

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Breffo Spiderpodium an exciting and versatile product from the UK

I ran into Breffo at CES 2012 and CES 2013. I had the recent opportunity to test and review the Breffo Spiderpodium’s the little one for phones and the larger one for tablets. To put it mildly I was impressed by their design, ease of use, versatility and how fun they are!! It is a […]

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Replay XD While I was at CES 2013, I spent 3 days trying to find products that really impressed me in their quality and design. I really liked ReplayXD’s products!! Here is a video highlighting their products: Here is a second video of their products in action!! Here is a video from our friends at […]

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Apple launches Ipad 3–> Information and Overview!!!

–>It’s Features include a retina display,an enhanced 5 megapixel camera and 4G LTE capability –>It’s Screen is higher resolution than most 40″ big screen tv’s –>It is powered by high-speed A5x chip which according to Apple is faster than the Nvidia Tegra 3!! –>Apple boasts picture resolution so crisp that words will appear sharper than […]

A CES 2012 report from our our friends Engadget—>We’re live from CES 2012!

Here is a report from the big guys, Engadget with regards to CES 2012. We inspire to be like them, with a tech, and autism focus. We talk about them, and hope that they return the favor at some point… From Engadget–> http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/06/were-live-from-ces-2012/ We’ve landed in Vegas, just in time to enjoy the proverbial calm […]

HP TouchPad returns in TigerDirect bundle, if only for a moment

I had heard rumors that HP Touch Pads would return around the Holidays, and it seems that they are starting to appear. According to Engadget–>http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/15/hp-touchpad-returns-in-tigerdirect-bundle-if-only-for-a-moment/ “We’ve got TouchPads!” That’s the slogan, but even TigerDirect admits that it’s expecting its latest batch of TouchPad slates to evaporate in a matter of minutes. Strangely enough, we’ve seen […]