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A Coke And Mentos Explosion – A Lesson In Chemical Reactions a cool article by Mari Nosal!!!

Mari Nosal I have actually done this experiment with my kids, they really loved it and I can totally relate. I wish I would have had someone like Mari Nosal for a teacher when I was young. Today I set out to conduct a science experiment. My goal was to introduce my young charges […]

Fun Curriculum Activities to Enhance Literacy By Mari Nosal

Mari Nosal I like relating fun to autism education and like this article by Mari Nosal Quite a bit. 1) Alphabet Soup: This creation that is disguised as a craft project enhances literacy skills and is just plain fun. Children can cut colorful construction paper into small squares. Provide the children with alphabet cereal […]

The importance of Vocabulary Development in Acquiring Fluency in Children by Mari Nosal

Vocabulary by Mari Nosal A link to the article–> Why is vocabulary development important to acquiring fluency in reading? Vocabulary comprehension is a crucial component in acquiring reading comprehension skills. Successful vocabulary development ensures that students will develop metacognitive skills which will assist children in comprehending advanced texts requirements when they leave the learning to […]

The History And Application Of The Orton Gillingham Approach by Mari Nosal

Mari Nosal Here is another article by Mari Nosal a leading special needs and autism expert–> I had not heard about this language program, it seems to be something that may be of benefit to some of the people on the spectrum. Our mission once funded is to help autism via hands on training with […]

A Meaningful Lesson From A Bar Of Soap In An After – School Program by talented Mari Nosal

Mari Nosal Here is another fine article from Mari Nosal with regards to after school activities–> Today I planned to execute a creative learning lesson for my school age program. (Fun after school time) Lessons must be learned. Lessons must be executed in a fun way. My students spend all day in school sitting […]

A Story Of teaching And learning About Empathy In An After-School Program-Mari Nosal

Mari Nosal Here is a fine article from Mari Nosal that really made me think–> I was perusing an old reflective journal from grad school. It is a heartwarming story about teaching and learning about empathy. This is a long forgotten story but one worth sharing. I hope you enjoy this story as much […]

“And A Child Shall Lead” by Mari Nosal from Enabled Kids Canada

“And A Child Shall Lead” A fine article by Mari Nosal from Enable Kids Canada, link–>link I was perusing my supervision journals from graduate school. My classes were inclusive and consisted of children with emotional disorders, learning disabilities, mood disorders, intellectually advanced children, and neurotypical children. The children ranged in age from five to twelve. […]