Review: Tubus Bluetooth Speaker by Omicron International

Our first review of the day is of the Tubus Bluetooth speaker system by Omicron International whose website can be accessed from the link below. I ran into the company at CES 2013 and was quite impressed immediately with their products.

omicron International
omicron International

To begin here is a product video from youtube with regards to the Tubus Bluetooth Speaker system:

Here are the specifications of the product as well as the included accessories–>

Tubus Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Handsfree Device
The Tubus multifunction speaker is a unique and powerful speaker system for your iPod product. Providing 5.2W
of power, the speaker gives rich sound quality. It is perfect for home, office and travel use. It charges your iPod
while it’s docked and plugged into the AC adapter; and 4 AAA batteries give you freedom from power outlets for hours
at a time!
The full function remote allows you to operate your Tubus Speaker from up to 10 feet without ever having to leave your
• Unique space saving shape, built-in digital amplifier, and optimized equalization settings enhance your
listening experience.
• Charging and playing capabilities for any device with bluetooth capability
• Finer bass quality than other portable speakers 5.2W
• Loud and Clear sound
• Volume Control
• Power On/Off switch
• Interchangeable faceplates for all iPod models
Technical Specs:
Frequency Response 100Hz-20kHz
Power Output: 5.2W (2X2.6W)
Line In Sensitivity: 600mv
Power Adapter: A/C 110v-240v (50Hz-60Hz)
S/N: 55dB
Channel Balance- + 1dB
Dimensions: 7 3/8in (L) x 1 7/8in (W) x 1 7/8in(H)
Power Supply: 9 VDC or 4 AAA batteries,
Remote Control Distance: 10 ft
Certificate: FCC, CE
Patent No.: US D570,847S

What’s in the Box?
Tubus Speaker System
AC adapter
User Manual
Remote Control

Our overview–>

If you are a retailer who are considering products for inclusion in your store or online site, the packaging is quite nice as see by the photos below:

Packaging view #1

Tubus by Omicron packaging 2

Packaging View #2

Packaging #3
Packaging #3

I was very impressed with the initial experience of opening the box, and setting up the product.

The Tubus blue tooth speaker is very nicely designed and it has great sound quality. It is also very easy to use and set up.

It includes a remote control to adjust the functions of the device as well. The speaker can be plugged into the wall or it also can be operated on Triple A Batteries.

It also includes a line in cable to directly connect the device to a mp3 player or any other device with a headphone jack.

Pictures of the product:–>

Product View # 1–>


Product View # 2–>


Product View # 3–>

Tubus Bluetooth speaker #3
Tubus Bluetooth speaker #3

Product videos:–>
Video #1–>

Video #2–>


Wrap up and Conclusion:

I would like to thank Omicron International for the opportunity to review this fine product.

I am impressed by it overall. The Tubus Bluetooth portable speaker offers nice sound quality and design, plus it is quite easy to operate. I played a variety of media through it and was quite impressed overall. The design is quite nice as well.

One thing that would be a nice add on in the future to the product would be a mini subwoofer or rechargeable batteries.

I would definitely recommend use of the product with a tablet, ipad, iphone, Blackberry or Android device for use in the office for a presentation or in the class room for the educational user.

If you or anyone you know wants to purchase on of the fine devices here is a link from Amazon–>


Your faithful aspie editor, David J. Berkowitz 2-15-2013

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Replay XD
Replay XD

While I was at CES 2013, I spent 3 days trying to find products that really impressed me in their quality and design.

I really liked ReplayXD’s products!!

Here is a video highlighting their products:

Here is a second video of their products in action!!

Here is a video from our friends at Engadget–>



Replay XD!!!
Replay XD!!!

So far I am very impressed by the company, their people and their products. I am looking forward to testing and reviewing their products for real.