CES ICE Sculpture 2012

CES 2012 First Glances from the CES Unveiled Press Event

An ice sculpture from the pre-show CES 2012 Press Event!!!               I was quite intrigued by Lenenovo’s new business class 10″ tablet, along with their new consumer 5″, 7″ and 10″ tablets. Here are some images of the new 10″ business tablet. 1) Front View: 2) Side View: 3) […]

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Congratulations to Xfactor’s Melanie Amaro

I was from the beginning really impressed by Melanie Amaro’s performances. Congratulations to her and Simon Cowell!!! 1) Melanie Amora her final award winning song–> 2) Melanie Amaro her home performance Michael Jackson’s song!!! 3) Her first Audition–> We love ya Melanie, you are amazing!!! Please help us to help autism!!!

Advocacy for Autism, A Personal Appeal our post thanks to EDA Cafe

I would like to thank EDA Cafe for the article that they published about our intent to help autism: AUTISM ADVOCACY AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS ZONE By David Joseph Berkowitz As an individual with high functioning Asperger syndrome, a kind of autism, and the father of three kids who are also on the spectrum for this […]

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Free Ipads for Autistic People, help with the fundraiser and win one free, too!!!

Please see our fundraiser tab. We are working with to donate Ipads for free to autistic people and families that need them. Some of the people that participate in the fundraiser can win one as well as part of the promotion. Highest Pressure Shower Head Turns The Gloomiest Mornings Into A Happy OneCommon Problems […]

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My life with Aspergers an introduction and opinions

I have been told by friends, family, spouse, and my childrens’ counselor’s that I seen like I might have Asperger’s if so it would explain a great deal. One thing that I have noticed is that my memory involving numbers is really good. I hardly ever forget phone numbers, dates and license plate numbers. I […]