Autism Awareness

Autism and Communication Some Interesting things!

  Infographic_USA   Communicotool-A New Communication tool for non-verbal autistic folks! Autistic daughter inspires communication app for non‐verbal people After seeing non‐verbal 8‐year‐old Reinnah take her tablet everywhere she went, her father created CommunicoTool to help her talk with him. Now updated to version 2, it launches in the US to help non‐verbal children acquire, […]

Autism Awareness Video May 2014

Autism Awareness (via Repost Video News) April is Autism Awareness month. A local organization has a facility to both diagnose and treat those with autism.

Improve The Life of A Loved One With Autism and interesting website

  An interesting site on autism–> Click Here!   “If you’re really worried a loved one with Autism might never truly enjoy life to the full – Then this may be the most critically important website you’ll ever read… “Finally, You Too Can Join Others Who Have Discovered Simple Methods To Effectively Spot The 31 Signs of […]

Autism Awareness, Our Ireport on CNN

help us to help autism   AUTISM ADVOCACY AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS ZONE By David Joseph Berkowitz As an individual with high functioning Asperger syndrome, a kind of autism, and the father of three kids who are also on the spectrum for this disorder, I have always felt a need to make a difference for the […]