A Poem For Parents With Special Needs Children by Mari Nosal

I was referred to this Poem By Mari Nosal, an amazing advocate for autism and an author as well. It comes from–>link This Poem Is For My Son Who Has Aspergers – I could not be prouder of the young man he has become – even if I tried. :-0) My Flesh and Blood God […]

Blackberry Playbook with OS 2.0-A preliminary overview

RIM, Research in Motion recently updated their Blackberry Playbook to 2.0. To say the lease I am impressed so far. I would love to test one out and do a formal review especially among the autistic education community. If you can send us one or 2 that would help us to help autistic people via […]

M-Edge Super Shell for Ipad 2 a product review from Technewszone

I recently had the opportunity to try out M-Edges Super ShellCover for ipad. I was quite impressed by it’s design and durability. It should be a nice product to use for special needs kids who use Ipad’s as well as younger ones too. I let a local preschool borrow it for a day and they […]

A nice article from Autism Support Network–>Autism & living on purpose by Lena Rivkin

A link from Autism Support Network and the original article–> I never know when to stop saying Happy New Year. I strive to hold onto the feeling of renewal, hope and fresh starts that the New Year provides. But holidays quickly recede into the rear view mirror, since the business of living demands our full […]

Advocacy for Autism, A Personal Appeal our post thanks to EDA Cafe

I would like to thank EDA Cafe for the article that they published about our intent to help autism: AUTISM ADVOCACY AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS ZONE By David Joseph Berkowitz As an individual with high functioning Asperger syndrome, a kind of autism, and the father of three kids who are also on the spectrum for this […]

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My life with Aspergers an introduction and opinions

I have been told by friends, family, spouse, and my childrens’ counselor’s that I seen like I might have Asperger’s if so it would explain a great deal. One thing that I have noticed is that my memory involving numbers is really good. I hardly ever forget phone numbers, dates and license plate numbers. I […]