American Idol 2012 Top 4 Perform, we support Joshua and Jessica!!!


As an autism nonprofit focused on helping people with autism via technology, music and the arts for quality of life and education, I love the talent on this year’s American Idol 2012. I especially like Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet. I will be surprised if they are not the final 2.

Here is a video of the final 4 from American Idol–>

Joshua Ledet a bit about him–>

And A nice video of Jessica Sanchez–>

Good luck to both of you.

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David Berkowitz, Editor in Chief.
I am the aspie dad of 3 with autism, in industrial sales by day, and a run tech and autism news media organization as well. I am trying to be like and help autism too via the arts and tech. I am also on twitter, itechnewszone, facebook/technewszone, youtube/technewszone, too.