American Idol 2011, James Durbin, is an amazing Autistic Singer

I am as I have mentioned before an autistic brainiac, like science fiction, Harry Potter, Stargate, Science Fiction and Technology. My wife told me about James Durbin, he is currently on American Idol, and is an amazing singer. James was just 9 when his musician father died of a drug overdose and soon after James was diagnosed with Tourette and Asperger’s syndrome. I can relate to the Asperger’s syndrome, have experienced it as well.

But James, 21, met an “angel” Heidi, his now wife, and they have one young child together. Still, the family is struggling as James is unemployed, but hopes to America’s next Idol. He is an autistic individual who is talented and is trying to make a difference for his family

While auditioning, James sang Muddy Waters’ “You Shook Me” and also sang a little of Steven Tyler’s “Dream On.” He is quite good. I hope that he makes it far both on American Idol and in his life.

Here is a YouTube clip of his story:

and another

Please check it out and support him in his efforts especially if your family is touched by autism as mine has been.

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David Berkowitz, Editor in Chief.
I am the aspie dad of 3 with autism, in industrial sales by day, and a run tech and autism news media organization as well. I am trying to be like and help autism too via the arts and tech. I am also on twitter, itechnewszone, facebook/technewszone, youtube/technewszone, too.