Amazon Kindle Fire A nice Youtube Review from A fellow vet, Soldier Knows Best, and others.

Here is a nice overview video with regards to the Amazon Kindle Fire–>

I like it and the Color Nook tablet.

Here is another nice review as well–>

The Kindle Fire hardly needs an introduction, since Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO showed it off a few months before launch, it’s been a seriously hyped and anticipated gadget. Billed variously as an iPad killer, the king of eBook readers and Amazon’s latest attempt to maintain your addiction to their various digital storefront; the Fire instead is the product of mere mortals and it has no intention of murdering larger, fruity tablets. The Fire is clearly designed to deepen your addiction to Amazon’s eBook, video, music and Android Appstore though–compulsive shoppers beware. That is the real charm of this 7″ Android-based touch screen tablet: easy access to Amazon’s stuff. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you gain free (free other than the yearly $80 that gets you discounted expedited shipping on physical goods and 1 eBook/month on loan) access to 10,000 movies and TV shows, and they look fantastically sharp on the Fire. If you’re a Kindle owner with a large investment in Amazon eBooks, they’re all downloadable to the Kindle Fire, and your Amazon MP3s are available too. Since the tablet has only 8 gigs of storage and no microSD card slot, Amazon’s cloud for music, books and video are important; you can stream or download that content as you need it, then offload it.

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